image by Sebastiaan ter Burg via Flickr Creative Commons license

Achieve “Impossible” Results Predictably


This is the most important part of the entire cycle, because if you don’t truly understand who your project intends to delight, it’s unlikely that you’ll delight them.

Get ready to obsess about stakeholders, because we’ll spend the most time on this part of the cycle! Who will benefit from your work? Who will use your product or service? Guessing at the wants and needs of customers is a poor substitute for swimming in their fishbowl.

Thought leaders like Steve Blank have advocated making customer focus the center of new product and service development. Steve insists that participants in his “Lean Launch Pad” classes interview dozens or even hundreds of customers.

Creating products and services without considering important stakeholders – like customers for example -­‐ is a common problem in new product development. As many as 75% of new products fail to attract enough customers to be considered successful! It’s absolutely vital to explicitly integrate key stakeholders into your development process. This is the essence of the first phase of the design thinking process. Read more…